Free practice tests are provided on the MyGMATstudy website. You can use these tests to evaluate your knowledge in different concept areas relevant to the GMAT exam. This process enables you to gauge the MyGMATstudy program before you commit to a purchase. price list

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If you have already answered through question 20, you can decide to start from question 21.

* Paid users have the option of selecting any topic, sub-topic, difficulty level, and number of questions to work with.

Points to note:
  • The questions in the chapter tests familiarize MyGMATstudy students with the different types of questions they can expect in each particular section. Detailed justifications for each answer are also provided.
  • MyGMATstudy chapter tests are available for every chapter. These tests should be taken after studying the MyGMATstudy study guides.
  • Constant Evaluation and Continual Improvement: Any time you take a test in MyGMATstudy, you get a percentage correct score, so that you can constantly evaluate and improve your performance.
  • While taking Chapter Tests, you will have the flexibility to select:

    • The chapter: you can select which particular chapter you want to study.
    • The number of questions: if you have a 10 minute break, then you can solve 10 questions, or you can work on as many as 100 questions in one study session.
    • The question number: with MyGMATstudy, you can continue from where you left off. If you have completed working on 300 questions, then you can start working with question 301.