Five ways in which we can help you succeed on the GMAT:

  1. Adapts to your skill-level: Unlike traditional training institutes which provide the same course to all students, MyGMATstudy allows the flexibility to study based on your own skill-level. For example, if you are just starting out, you could work on the easy questions and mock-tests; advanced users or those who are comfortable with basic concepts can work through questions of higher difficulty levels. All questions in MyGMATstudy are graded into easy, moderate and difficult : and students can decide the difficulty level of questions they want to attempt.
  2. Identifies your strong and weak areas: MyGMATstudy can help you determine your strengths and weaknesses and help you improve areas of weakness. While you may be competent in Geometry, you may need additional help in Statistics. No other GMAT-prep provider personalizes better than we do.
  3. Allows you to prepare your way: With MyGMATstudy, you are in full control of your GMAT preparation—you can take as many tests when you want or study the topics that you desire. There is no one dictating your study methodology.
  4. Comprehensive database of questions: MyGMATstudy has a database of more than over 1500 high quality questions prepared by experts that covers all topics relevant to the GMAT exam. This helps you practice more questions in your weak areas and improve your GMAT scores.
  5. Allows you to selectively choose and buy what you want: After analyzing your performance by doing the Free Tests with MyGMATstudy, you can selectively buy the courses that will help you the most.

What's more? You can purchase the program you require within the package.