Four ways in which MyGMATstudy helps you maximize your preparation time:
  1. No traveling, no sitting in classrooms, no rigid schedules: MyGMATstudy is 100% online; with a computer and Internet connection, you can learn at your convenience—and also take tests online. So, you do not have to waste any more time traveling to training locations, sitting in cramped classrooms, and adhering to rigid schedules. Students usually waste more than 10 hours every week travelling if they learn in traditional classrooms—time that can be used effectively practicing questions in MyGMATstudy.
  2. Ideal for working professionals: MyGMATstudy is ideal for working professionals who do not have to sacrifice their jobs to prepare for the GMAT exam. MyGMATstudy tests can be taken even during 10 minute breaks. Take our free Chapter Test and see for yourself how MyGMATstudy helps you prepare even when you are working.
  3. Extensive analysis of test scores: You will no longer have to spend time analyzing your test scores or determining on which questions you spend the most time. MyGMATstudy helps you determine your strengths and weaknesses. Our extensive analysis helps you save time analyzing your test results, and also provides you with insights on how best you should prepare for the exam.
  4. Personalized to your needs: MyGMATstudy is completely personalized to your skill level and identifies your strengths and weaknesses. That way you do not waste time repeating or revisiting concepts you have already learned. Click here to read more about how MyGMATstudy is personalized for you.